Chiropractic care in a friendly and professional Clinic


A friendly and professional Clinic in Stow on the Wold

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When our story began

Zink Chiropractic Clinic was started in 2007 by husband and wife team Tamzin Blinkhorn and Kay Schultz, both McTimoney Chiropractors. We offer appointments all week days and evenings. Contact our expert team in Stow-on-the-Wold today!

Join our Chiropractic Team

We are looking for a third Chiropractor to join us at Zink Clinic. Are you talented, fully qualified and registered with the GCC? Seeking a position in an established Clinic in a beautiful, busy part of the country? Give us a call to find out more.

Other therapies we offer

Acupuncture, Addiction Counselling, Bowen Therapy, Sports and Remedial Massage, Neurokinetic Therapy, Pilates one-to-one, Alexander Technique, Reflexology. All our therapists are insured and registered with their professional associations.


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, with special emphasis on the spine. It emphasises manual therapy including spinal manipulation and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation, and includes exercises, and health and lifestyle counselling.


Can Chiropractic
Help You?

Suitable for all the family – from newborns, toddlers, children, in pregnancy, adults of all ages and fitness. If you are experiencing certain health conditions, you may benefit from chiropractic care…

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints

  • Assistance with migraine prevention

  • Headaches arising from neck problems (cervicogenic)

  • Muscular aches

  • Minor sports injuries

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Ankle sprain

  • Arthritic pain


What can I expect?

The first appointment at Zink Chiropractic Clinic takes about 60 minutes. The first part of the session is for understanding your reason for coming to the clinic and how your condition is affecting your daily life. A medical history is taken and appropriate neurological and orthopaedic tests are made.  

We then take a look at the results and propose a treatment plan for your recovery. Most people find between two and six sessions sufficient to address straightforward problems. Our chiropractic is suitable for all the family – from babies to adults.


Pre-Treatment Questionnaires 


Hours & Fees


Private Health insurance policies vary. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm their rules and requirements prior to your appointment. Please give 24 hours' notice for cancelling or rearranging an appointment or you will be charged the full fee.


Monday ~ 8:30 - 19:00

Tuesday ~ 8:30 - 19:00

Wednesday ~ 8:30 - 19:00

Thursday ~ 8:00 - 19:00

Friday ~ 8.00 - 19.00

Saturday ~ 8:30 - 12 noon


Spine Check (15mins) ~ Free

First appointment, including initial consultation and treatment where appropriate (c. 60mins) ~ £58

Follow up appointments (c. 30mins) ~ £43

Massage (50mins) ~ £45

Credit/debit cards are accepted (not american express)


What do others say?

Working with Tamzin and Marianne has been a total revelation!

Despite being relatively fit and healthy I’ve suffered from chronic lower back pain linked to a rotated pelvis for about 15 years. Sometimes the pain has been so severe I’ve been unable to work. I enjoy horse riding, but would regularly resort to taking painkillers before and after a session, just to see me through.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous different therapies. But even my most successful treatments have only been temporary. I’d see a therapist who would “set me right” but within a month I’d be back to square one.